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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM – Search Engine Marketing performed chiefly on one of the prominent platforms, which is Google Ads.  It is one of the most successful Google products, which over the years, has become an indispensable tool for both marketers and businesses.

Search engine marketing allows a business to get a top position in Google’s search engine for a fee.  By doing this, he will introduce his business to a broader audience in a much shorter time than he would have been able to without paying the money.

For example, if you have a cleaning business and spend $50 on advertising, you will receive $100 in revenue.

To do all this, it is vital to match your business with relevant search words, the so-called keywords, with which your potential customers find you in the Google search field.

First, we should mention that it costs you a certain amount of money for each user to visit your site.  For example, you have a brokerage company where you sell apartments.


How can a customer find your site?  In the Google search field, he writes the agreement of these words: “apartments,” “apartments in Tbilisi,” “apartments for cheap,” etc.

For each “click” on your service offered by google, you will be charged a specific amount, which was determined when you bought keywords in the google auction.

What is Google Auction?

Each keyword has its price.  The more competition, the higher the value of the keyword.  However, Google is careful about its reputation and naturally does not want to be in the company’s first position whose site is technically faulty but pays money.  Therefore, it takes into account not only the amount paid but also the technical data of the site. And Google uses a unique formula to determine these factors.


First, Google evaluates the site’s usability and assigns a corresponding score.  The formula is as follows – the point given to the site is multiplied by the amount paid per “click.”  The product of these two data determines the position of your site in the Google search field.  The higher the score, the more advanced your website is.


The role of SEM in business development

When the competition in a particular area is very high, finding your site through a relevant keyword requires a lot of work, and you may even need years to occupy the top positions in google. That is why google ads are essential, which increase the success of your business in the shortest possible time.  According to data, 25% of Google’s massive users use this platform, which is quite a high figure.