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SEO/Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization refers to the adaptation of the website to the search engine algorithm and ensures that it is in a leading position in the search.

SMM/Social Media Marketing

Social media refers to placing a business on social media platforms and selecting a target audience on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

SEM/Search Engine Marketing

 Search engine marketing involves placing a business in the search engine in the advanced positions with the appropriate platforms in return for investment.

EM/Email Marketing

Email marketing is an ancient form of digital marketing that has not lost its importance in the digital world.  It enables direct communication with the customer.


Copywriting is one of the most important parts of digital marketing, which encourages a person to fulfill a business-defined goal through advertising texts.

Web Development

If your business is online, your chances of success increase.  We will prepare a website for any line of business and ensure its proper functioning.

Digital marketing in simple words

The modern world presents us with new challenges.  Technological development contributes to the formation of new industries.  Digital marketing is one of the most important fields of the 21st century.  Today we hear this term a lot, but what it exactly means is a bit unclear.  In this article, we will try to explain what digital marketing is and why it is so important and necessary for business development.

The world entering a new phase of development is easily visible to everyone.  Humans are naturally inclined to simplify life, that’s why today we can buy almost all products without leaving home, be it: household items, medicines, books or others.  We were given the opportunity to do this after the digitization of various activities. 

Shops, pharmacies, restaurants have moved to the Internet space and in the simplest way, any product can be purchased remotely with a few clicks of a button. Now it is logical that if a business is on the Internet, advertising should also be on the Internet, that’s what digital marketing is all about.  Simply put – advertising on the Internet.

Nothing sells by itself – every product needs appropriate packaging and delivery to the customer.

This field is developing at a great speed.  10 years ago, if the advertising market was entirely in the hands of: televisions, magazines, newspapers, and banners, today, like everything else, marketing has been digitized and advertising has moved into the social space.

It can be said that traditional marketing has given way to digital marketing.  It is very easy to explain: people spend most of their time on the Internet.  Nowadays, there are many social platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, Linked in or others.  Advertising is effective where there are many people, and social media is the best pool of technology advanced individuals.

1. The audience of ads running on social networks is in your hands, you can define the target audience and show ads only to your potential users. It is almost impossible to control which segment will see the advertisement placed in televisions, magazines and banners.

2. With the help of digital marketing, it is possible to determine exactly how many seconds/minutes the user spent on the site, how long he watched the advertisement/post, etc.  In a word, it provides detailed information on each step of the user.  It is very difficult to determine who watches advertisements placed on televisions, magazines, newspapers and banners for how long, who likes them and who does not.

3. Placement of advertisement in televisions and magazines is much more expensive than in social space.  Running a one-minute ad on television is about 10 times more expensive, while in the social space it is possible to show an ad for a much larger audience with a much lower budget.

4. Through digital marketing, the company establishes direct contact with its customers: the customer can virtually evaluate this or that product, write a comment, find out other people’s opinion about a specific product, etc.  Traditional marketing does not allow this, it is impossible to have an interactive relationship with customers.


According to Bill Gates, “If you don’t have your business online, you don’t have a business.”

As mentioned earlier, people spend most of their time on the Internet.  Above we talked about important components of digital marketing.  Now imagine you have a company that:

  1. Is maintained by its website;
  2. Is in a leading position in search engines;
  3. In return for investment, is promoted in search engines;
  4. Has mastered social platforms perfectly;
  5. Attracts users with effective advertising texts;
  6. Sends effective advertising texts to the target audience by e-mail.

What else is left for the success of your company?  It can be said that these components are one of the main indicators of business success!

Detailed information on each component of digital marketing can be found on our website.

SEO – is Search Engine Optimization, which helps the site to be found in advanced positions. 

SEM – Search Engine Marketing, the most common platform of which is Google Ads.  In exchange for payment, you buy the so-called keywords (search words), then these words go to Google’s auction, which sets the appropriate price, and in exchange for the paid amount, Google will place your site in advanced positions in search engines.

SMM – Social Media Marketing.  This is advertising on such social platforms as – FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, etc.  One of the most powerful means of digital marketing is to advertise a product.

EM – Email Marketing.  One of the oldest means of Internet advertising, which is still quite effective today.  Through it, we can send advertising texts to the target audience by e-mail.

Copywriting – writing advertising texts.  The copywriter creates the advertising text in such a way that the user is interested and leads to a specific decision.  The text should be: short, easy to understand and interesting for the user.