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Our story before digitization

We, the people of Adshub,
are individuals involved in the restaurant business with extensive experience
working with companies in the digital industry.
  We paid quite a lot for online
marketing services, but unfortunately, we did not get the desired results.

many unlucky tries, we decided to advertise our restaurant with our skills.
  And for that, we had to learn
digital marketing thoroughly.
  After attending various courses
and master classes, we have gained quite qualified knowledge in this field, and
today we are ready to help other companies to digitize their activities.

The company is staffed by highly qualified staff who have passed the
Google and Facebook exams in different areas of digital marketing.

mainly two main factors make our company unique.
  First, offers a free search engine audit,
with which you can monitor the location of your site in search engines. And
secondly, when cooperating with us, you, as a client, have an unconditional
guarantee of success SLA (Service Level Agreement), which means that we take
responsibility for the agreed results.