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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is another crucial part of digital marketing.  Advertising without communication with the customer is entirely unimaginable.  Communication is established through words, and choosing the correct words for your targeted audience is a copywriter’s job.

Copywriting is not just empty words.  It is an idea, concept, and determination of how and in what form this or that brand should be presented to the consumer. Copywriters are people who give power to words.  By this logic, orators are the most outstanding copywriters.


The origin of copywriting

Copywriting originated in America.  Today, the technologically developed world gives us quite a lot of opportunities, but there was a time when there was no television, no telephone, and no computer.

Wonder, then, how did companies deliver voice to their customers?

American copywriters wrote advertising texts on catalogs and took them directly to customers’ homes.  They chose the desired product from the catalogs and bought it.  This advertising model still exists today.  For example, the beauty industry still uses this method and sells its cosmetics through catalogs.


As mentioned, a copywriter creates an idea and a brand through words.  We know brands whose products harm our health, but some force always draws us to them.  Even if we do not love any of them, we still have a different attitude towards these brands, and this is not accidental.  Behind this, along with other important factors, is the hard work of copywriters.  They created particular messages and slogans and associated these brands with the most critical moments of our lives.

What kind of copy attracts customers?

As a result of observation, it turned out that customers especially like when the text is divided into small paragraphs when many relevant questions are asked, and then the answer to this question is given in the text itself; if you show the ways to solve the problem, this will arouse their interest even more, and also the use of numbers and numbers. It is pretty attractive for consumers.  For example: “7 reasons why they like …”, “5 ways to solve this problem”, etc.

What is the AIDA principle?

AIDA is one of the essential methods in copywriting.  It is coded as Attention, interest, desire, and action.  

According to these principles, the text should be structured in such a way that, first of all, attracts the attention of the user, then arouses his interest to learn more about the product; after that, a copy should make him want to buy the product and finally get the appropriate action from.


What is the role of copywriting in social media?


Although copywriting involves much more than advertising texts running on social media, today, copywriting is very closely related to social media and mainly intersects with social platforms.


Some companies create simple, templated advertising texts that consumers cannot remember. Still, many companies already have their own communication style, distinctive visuals, short texts, and a close connection with consumers.  Outstanding copywriters stand behind these successes. What does this mean for the company?  Consumers can fall in love with a particular brand so much through the right and fun communication with the customer that this is what determines the success of the business.

What does copywriting have to do with search engine optimization?

Firstly, we must say that this connection is quite close.  A copywriter must know specific search words, i.e., so-called keywords, and use them purposefully in the text.  This is what helps to occupy advanced positions in search engines.

What is the importance of copywriting for business development?

The success of a business is determined by the number of products or services sold.  And this requires winning the user’s heart, which can be achieved through exciting and attractive texts.  Of course, this alone is not enough, and there are many other details to consider, but without a good copy, it is almost impossible to get people interested and willing to buy your product.